Destroyer Archetype

2 Mar

The dictionary definition for “Destroyer” is: “A person or thing that destroys”.

This is a common misconception with the Archetype because most people forget what happens after destruction…Newness, growth, new ideas, rebirth.


According to the book we can find the destroyer Archetype in many things.  Some of these destroyers can be very simple and something that everyone has to go through like “The sudden awareness of morality”(Pearson 136).

When the destroyer is present it opens your eyes to the things in your life that are important and allows you to let go of the things in your life that are holding you back on your journey.


A time in my life where I encountered the destroyer archetype was when my parents told me they were moving to Alabama. I followed my parents out here when they moved to Arizona. The only reason why I considered going to Arizona State University was because they moved to Gilbert, AZ.  We are very close. They made a snap decision to move and only gave me a month’s notice.

It was very odd. I knew what they were going to tell me before they said it. They said, we have good news and bad news. I instantly felt overwhelmed with anxiety, look at both of them and said, “You’re moving”. They looked at each other, then at me and said, “Yes”.  I didn’t care what the good news was. I don’t remember what they said about it at all. I just remember feeling anxious and alone.

Since they lived in Arizona, I figured that if I didn’t know what I wanted to do after I graduated I could stay with them for a couple months to save money, bounce ideas about jobs off of them, and have their one on one support that they always gave me. Knowing that I wouldn’t see them once a week (ish…I am a busy college student) and that if I was having a hard time or in a bad mood I couldn’t just go over to their house and feel like I was at home (even though they didn’t live in the house where I grew up) made me feel powerless and alone.

As the month went by I started to accept that they were leaving. And I even started to want them to go because I was spending so much time with them that I was becoming an inconvenience. I started thinking about my life and my life plans much differently. I knew that I no longer had the cushion of my parents to rely on. I had to do things for myself. My life had to be perpetuated by me, not by them and I was going to always have a lot of support from other people.

Well, I was wrong about one thing. I always have support from them, but now it’s over the phone. I have started to create my own life and have become much more emotionally self-sufficient. I am planning on going to grad school. I know what I want to do with my life and I am developing my own TV show.  ALL OF THIS by myself in Arizona. According to the book what I went through was very common with the Destroyer archetype. The book states that, “Suffering frequently moves us out of Ego attachments. We are attached to our health, walth, homes, attitudes, and people we love. Sometimes in order to open up into learning something new, we have to let go of the old. We may do this williningly, reluctantly, or against our will, but the result is the same”.(Pearson page 141).

            I’m not the only one who has gone throght something terrible to find out whats important and to let go of whats holding us back. I was being held baack my the cusion of falling back on my parents and learned self-reliance and to not be afraid of the world.

            I’ve dealt with loosing something and having to start over before. For my film and videop concentration I often have to make movies or films. I have lost footage a few times! This can be really upetting at first and can make you really upset! But you can to learn to get passed it. This is a really funny link of what you should not do when something like this happens!

            Sometimes culture shock can be a type of Destroyer. When I studied abroad in Germany the first couple weeks were really tough. I had to let go of English and American culture and just accept Germany for everything it was. The end result was that my German became MUCH, MUCH better and I gained confidence in myself I had not had before.

Culture shock can be really rough. Here is a link that can give you ways to deal with it.


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